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Transgender Day of Remembrance takes place each November, as an opportunity for communities to come together and remember transgender, gender non-binary, biologically intersex people, and those perceived to be transgender who have lost their lives over the last year from transphobic violence.

The Transgender Day of Remembrance service raises public awareness of  hate crimes against transgender people, mourns and honors the lives lost,  gives allies a chance to step forward and commit to action to create safe transgender inclusive communities, and gives local transgender people the opportunity to witness non transgender people literally standing in support.

Transgender women of color and people experiencing unemployment, poverty, and homelessness are the people most at risk. Working to create equality for people of color, respect for religious and ethnic diversity, reduce homophobia, improve local employment opportunities, living wage, and decreasing homelessness, celebrating who you are as an individual and fostering an inclusive live and let live culture are also measures that can reduce risk of transphobic hate crimes

For more info contact 4STAR at 970 247 3229,

4STAR Monthly Support Groups
Transgender and Non-Binary Playgroup + Parent Support

Do you have a child who identifies as transgender or non-binary?  Would you like to connect with other parents while your kids make new friends?

Join us on the 3rd Saturday of every month from 9:00-11:00am. Ages 5-10. 

For location and details contact:, or


4STAR, 4Corners Support for Transgender people, Allies,and Relatives, serves the Four Corners region’s Transgender, Gender Expansive, and Intersex population and their families via support, information and networking.


We offer a twice a month support group in Durango and are in the process of setting up a virtual support group for people outside the Durango area. As well as linking Transgender people with available information and service resources, 4STAR is available as a resource for organizations, employers, businesses, and health care providers who come into contact with Transgender people and have questions (from what are the basics of name and pronoun etiquette, to what are the relevant federal and state laws).

Often our role is to link people with questions to experts with answers.

We also work in conjunction with the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico to provide Trans 101 education, training, and policy brainstorming.


Jude Harrison is a board certified Family Physician who has been practicing in Durango since 1984.  He is also a transgender man. His pronouns are He/Him/His.   


As a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, Jude has taken their basic and advanced courses in Transgender Care. He is Director and Co-Founder of 4STAR – 4Corners Support for Transgender people, Allies, and Relatives – which provides Transgender support groups, hosts the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance memorial service for people lost to trans hate crimes in the previous year,  and provides  education and networking to link resources for Transgender people and their families and to assist the 4Corners greater community in working with Transgender people.  His mission is to create communities where each individual celebrates and is celebrated for who they are and helped to get their needs met.

In his free time, Jude enjoys hiking, dancing, singing, and leading workshops. He is the proud parent of 2: his left brained daughter is a math major and working on a multimedia tool to aid students in learning the Navajo language, his right brained son is a musician and composer in Los Angeles.


Phone: 970-247-3229




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